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ФГАОУ ВПО «УрФУ имени первого Президента России Б.Н.Ельцина»
Лямзин Андрей Валерьевич

  • Test

    1. The gas pipeline "Blue Stream" conducted...
    a) from Kazakhstan to Russia;
    b) from Azerbaijan to Georgia;
    c) from Russia to Turkey.

    2. What country is now not included in the GUAM?
    a) Ukraine;

    b) Azerbaijan;
    c) Uzbekistan.

    3. Align the event and the date of...
    a) signing CST 1991;

    b) forcing Georgia to peace in 1992;
    c) the collapse of the Soviet Union in 2008.

    4. Georgia's rearmament program, implemented by the United States, called...
    a) Sword;

    b) Caspian Guard;
    c) Train-and-Equip.

    5. The Russian 201st Motorized Infantry Division helped end the conflict in...
    a) Abkhazia;

    b) Tajikistan;
    c) Transnistria.

    6. Which of the following countries do not have access to the Caspian Sea?
    a) Uzbekistan;

    b) Turkmenistan;
    c) Iran.

    7. In 2005–2006 Russian border troops were withdrawn from...
    a) of Uzbekistan;

    b) Tajikistan;
    c) Kyrgyzstan.

    8. Turkmenistan has lowered the degree of participation in the affairs of the CIS and became an associate member of the organization in...
    a) in 1999 after the entering of Uzbekistan in GUAM;

    b) in 2005 after the summit in Kazan;
    c) in 2006 after the death of Turkmenbashi.

    9. The agreement on the establishment of the Union of Russia and Belarus was signed...
    a) April 2, 1996;

    b) April 2, 1997;
    c) December 8, 1999.

    10. EAEC emerged on the basis of...
    a) block GUAM;

    b) of the Customs Union;
    c) of the Common Economic Space (CES).

    11. "Six Day War" between Russia and Georgia was held in August...
    a) 2004;

    b) 2007;
    c) 2008.

    12. The referendum on the preservation of the USSR was held...
    a) 17 March 1991;

    b) 8 December 1991;
    c) 21 December 1991.

    13. President Askar Akayev was replaced during...
    a) the "Orange Revolution";

    b) the "Tulip Revolution";
    c) "Rose Revolution".

    14. "Mister Yes" in the West called...
    a) Andrey Kozyrev;

    b) Eduard Shevardnadze;
    c) Sergei Lavrov;
    d) Igor Ivanov.

    15. According to the agreement on the division of the Black Sea Fleet Ukraine received...
    a) 5 % of the ships;

    b) 20 % of the ships;
    c) 50 % of the ships.

    16. India and Pakistan are fighting each other for territory...
    a) Kashmir;

    b) Tibet;
    c) Sri Lanka.

    17. Which country of Central Asia have nuclear weapons?
    a) China;

    b) Afghanistan;
    c) Kazakhstan;
    d) Uzbekistan.

    18. China claims to dominance in the waters...
    a) of the Indian Ocean;

    b) the Sea of Japan;
    c) of the South China Sea.

    19. The military exercise "Peace Mission" Russia holds jointly with...
    a) Venezuela;

    b) China;
    c) India.

    20. Feature of military-technical cooperation between Russia and India is...
    a) creation of a joint production of military equipment;

    b) imports into Russia of Indian Technology;
    c) the use of Indian labor in the Russian defense enterprises.

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